Wild Adapter 4th Drama CD Omake is the fourth drama CD of Wild Adapter that has been released.

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Tokito: ~~Ow, ow!!!
Kubota: ......What’s wrong?
Tokito: It's nothing, I’m ok.
Kubota: You're not ok, you need to cool it down. Is it your left hand? Look, it’s turning red.
Tokito: Yeah, ok.
Kubota: When you get burned, you should touch your earlobe.
Tokito: Earlobe?
Kubota: It’s the coldest spot on your body, right?
Tokito: Hmm, like this?
Kubota: Gya-
Kubota: Your own ear, not mine.
Kubota: You know, you should use the pot grip.
Tokito: .....I didn’t think it was hot.
Kubota: Why?
Tokito: Because it wasn’t hot.
Kubota: ?
Tokito: When I touched it with my right hand it wasn’t hot, so I held it in my left hand without thinking.
Kubota: .....I see.
Tokito: Even though I touched it with my bare hand it wasn’t hot. It’s I thought, it’s not normal, this hand.
Kubota: Yeah. That’s good, right? It’s strong.
Tokito: Good....
Kubota: Pain, heat, cold, things like that aren’t a problem. It's easier if you don't have to feel unnecessary things. Ah, here’s a bandage.
Tokito: ....You don’t say anything. About pain, or heat, things like that.
Kubota: Even if I said something, nothing could be done about it, right?
Tokito: If you don’t say anything, then I won’t know.
Kubota: To who?
Tokito: To me.
Kubota: Oh....I see.
Tokito: Besides, it seems bad, two people acting like that seems, what was it again-
Kubota: ?
Tokito: Ah, that’s right, “fukanshou!”
Kubota: Yeah, please don’t go around saying that outside.


Fukanshou can mean either "noninterference" or "sexual frigidity" depending on the kanji compound.


Tokito: Oh, it’s cold~
Kubota: That’s because it’s snow. Tokito, if you're going out on the veranda, then-
Kubota: He’s not even listening.
Tokito: Snow~~. Hey, Kubo-chan, snow!!
Kubota: Yeah.
Tokito: .........Why are you being so boring.
Kubota: Well, it’s been falling since yesterday.
Tokito: *snowball*
Kubota: ......Hey.
Tokito: *snowball* *snowball*
Kubota: ....Alright, alright. I’m sorry. Stop that, it’s cold.
Tokito: Don’t say “it’s cold” now.
Kubota: Why?
Tokito: You said it before, didn’t you? “Not feeling anything is easier” .....My right hand, even when I touch the snow, it doesn't feel cold at all - I thought, feeling the cold is better than feeling nothing.
Kubota: ...Yeah.
Tokito: Feel it, for me.
Kubota: Well, shall we go?
Tokito: Where?
Kubota: The parking lot. I bet it’s piling up quite a bit.
Tokito: Ohh, Let’s make a snowman!! A really big one!
Kubota: Yes, yes.
Tokito: One that won't melt!
Kubota: Well, I don’t know about that.
Kubota & Tokito: It’s COLD!!


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