Tadahisa Ushio is the father of Minoru that was introduced in Volume 7.


Minoru Little

5 year old Minoru

In Volume 7, Kasai read something in the magazine about Ushio Tadahisa (37 years old) was appointed as a secretary (on probation) at the consulate general in Ho Chi Minh, the capital of the socialist republic of Vietnam. He emigrated Japan to Ho Chi Minh with his wife and sons. Under Sawamura Yasunori, a councillor at the time, he dealt with foreign policies regarding the creation of tourist sites in Vietnam. February 1983, while traveling to Da Lat through the mountains, their bus fell down a cliff and went up in flames. Their discover was delayed, and altogether 19 passengers died, and one person was unaccounted for. It all amounted to a gruesome incident. Two among the deceased were the wife, Yuki (34 years old) , and eldest son, Sakuya (14 years old) of the probationary secretary, Ushio. And the scene of the incident, only one body could not be found. That of Ushio's second son, Minoru, five years old.

The steep slope the cliff at the scene of the incident was unstable, and the search for the missing person ended after three days. Since then, Ushio held onto the hope: "Minoru surely must still be alive." But ten years later, in 1993, due to firm suggestions from the family, the still missing son was officially declared dead. Following the tragic year he lost hisb beloved family, all at once, Ushio Tadahisa temporarily returned to Japan. For three years, he worked at the Asian and Oceanian Bureaus of the Ministry of Foregin Affairs. In 1987, he returned to Vietnam as a councillor by his own will. With his fervent appeal of: "For the sake of preventing all tragic accident." He established the policies regarding road maintenance that focus on tourist areas in Vietnam.