Shouta Iizuka
Name Shouta Iizuka
Alias Shouta
Kanji 飯塚翔太
Gender Male
Age Youth
Gender Male
Relatives Mother
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Skills Drawing
Iizuka Shouta (飯塚翔太) is a young neighbor living next-door in Kubota's apartment. He moved before the events of volume 2, but he was not revealed until volume 5. He is great in drawings and dreams to be a mangaka. Kubota even states that he will be a good writer.


Shouta is a very quiet young boy who always keeps himself and having much trouble in gaining friends. He usually goes to school and home all alone by himself and somewhat a certified loner himself. But after making friends with Tokito, he showed another new side of him. He learned to skipped school just to have fun with Tokito. He’s actually scared of his mother and would do anything she says. His parent doesn’t pretty care much about his feelings and sometimes he would cries. His hobby is drawing and his currently making a manga about Kubota and Tokito.  




Kubota Makoto -

Tokito - Shouta actually witnessed Tokito and his right hand in the elevator where Kubota was carrying him. Later on, Shouta found Tokito alone and in pain. He was about to call for an ambulance, but was stopped when Tokito asked him not to so he decided to tell Kubota instead. Later on, the two became best friends and the reason why Shouta skipped classes though Tokito doesn’t know. He actually find Tokito's right hand as weird but cool. They used to go play videogames and go to an arcade. Shouta even brings him a manga to read.