Ryuunosuke Kanda
Wild Adapter | Executive Committee
Name Ryuunosuke Kanda
Alias Tatsu/Tatchan
Kanji 龍之介神田
Gender Male
Gender Male
Height 175cm
Weight 66kg
Hair Blond
Eye color Violet
Blood type O
Occupation Second Leader of Izumokai Youth Division
Status Deceased
Manga Wild Adapter Vol. 1 Ch. 1

Vol. 4 Ch. 25.5

Anime Wild Adapter (OVA) Ep. 1
Seiyuu  ???

Kanda Ryuunosuke (龍之介神田) or nickname as Tatchan or Tatsu  is the second leader of Izumokai Youth Division after Komiya's death and Kubota left the group. He is also the the best friend of Osamu and Shuuji.


Tatsu is compassionate and friendly than Osamu. He was actually guitly when Sanada ordered to kidnap Tokito. He knows that Tokito is Kubota's friend, and owes Kubota for what he did well to Shuuji. Like when he disputed the guy who beat up Shuuji. When Kubota was still a member, he was seen accompanying him collecting money and giving drugs at the same time in the sex shop. After Shuuji's death, he was worrying to Osamu for acting strange. He actually got affected to his best friend death, Shuuji.


Ryuunosuke has a heigh of 175cm and weight of 66kg. He has short fine golden blond hair and has violet eyes. His hair is in ponytail and has two long bangs on each side of his face. He sometimes have a smoke with him. He always wear a long sleeve shirt and a vest.


Tatsu is Osamu's childhood best friend and Shuuji's best friend too. He is a member of Izumokai Youth Division and later on he became the Second leader of Izumokai Youth Division. Before he was introduced officially, he was actually in Dice 2 asking Shuuji if he was alright after being disputed by Toujougumi. He also accompanied Kubota in the sex shop to collect money at the same time to give drugs. [1]

He was later introduced officially in Dice 25.5 where he was with Shuuji and Osamu. They were telling to Shuuji to give up playing arcade since they are in the Toujougumi's territory. They requested him to go back to the office before they left Shuuji.


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