Character layoutEdit

For characters that have a long appearanceEdit

With the use of the tabview interface the content shall include the following:

Main Page for example

Tokito Minoru article shall only include the following:

Tokito Minoru/Introduction | Introduction
Tokito Minoru/History | History
Tokito Minoru/Notes| Notes
Tokito Minoru/Gallery|Gallery

A) IntroductionEdit

For example the main character page address is :
a brief introduction is always present before scrolling on the main page.
Ex: Tokito (時任) is one of the main protagonist of Wild Adapter and Araiso Private School Student Council Executive Committee. He is affected with the drug called W.A. (Wild Adapter) causing a side effect on his right hand. He is referred as a chibi neko (Little Cat) or stray cat in the manga series. He is the cat and close friend of Kubota Makoto. His actual real name is Ushio Minoru (牛尾稔).

The Template:Characters should always be present on the top of the page. The Introduction or the main page of that current article should consist of the following H2 (headers) :

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Relationship (not necessary)
  • Abilities - with subheader3 regarding Skills and Weapons
  • Sources or Reference

B) HistoryEdit

tab will be name on as subpage to the main page.

History should be arrange chronologically .Chronologically, format of H2 header may look like this:

  • Background
  • Present
  • Sources

For characters who are also characters in Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee (Manga). Format of H2 Header of

  • Background in Executive Committee
  • Present in Executive Committee
  • Background in Wild Adapter
  • Present in Wild Adapter

C) NotesEdit

tab will be name as subpage to the main page.

Miscellaneous page should include the following H2 headers:

  • Other Appearance - crossovers, light novels , drama cd, etc
  • Trivia
  • Sources and References

D) GalleryEdit

Shall include the following H2 header:\

  • Gallery
  • References

Categorizing SubpagesEdit


For characters that are mentioned or had a brief appearanceEdit

Normal articles with shorter or brief summary that can stand alone without tabs.

Template:Characters should always be present at the top.

Main page of the article should include the following H2 headers:

  • Background
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Background
  • Story
  • Trivia
  • Sources