Citations are references used to validate information on the wiki. Information taken from sources such as games, books, videos, or articles should always be cited in order to both certify it's legitimacy and credit the original author, to avoid claims of plagiarism. This policy helps to dictate when citation should be used and in what format these citations should made.

How to?Edit

See Help:Cite

Data worth consideringEdit

1. Manga our holy grail and considered the most canon of all sources.

2. Anime/Games/Publised Interview and Official Guides - will be considered secondary data. This doesn't mean they are wrong or not, the reason they are secondary is because:

Interviews and Official Art/Guide Books and other printed media
Cause they aren't official "yet", they can be plans or tease from Kazuya Minekura but sometimes in the final format (Manga) they tend to change.

3. Speculations, fandom theories/fantasy is a big no to the wiki. It may come as your opinion or something that came from fandom sources that cannot be verified.

Writing the sourcesEdit

Since in the #How to? section you already know how to use the
<reference/> tag 
. Here is a little guide how it should look like under the section.


In Manual mode should look like this Manga "I saw dead cat. He should have come to this world to scatter his guts. I would die in this way."

 - Kubota Makoto. [1]


  • He's a high school student but no one knows if he's still studying. According to Dice 44 of the manga, Makoto was able to finish high school and after that, he left Kasai san's home to live on his own. [2]

Citations should look like this:


  1. Wild Adapter Vol. 1 Dice 2
  2. Wild Adapter Vol. 4 Dice 44