These are characters from the manga series of Wild Adapter that don't play any and have much further role. This section includes characters that Kubota and Tokito encountered some were defeated and some were deceased.

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Other Characters

Other Characters
Image Name Role Status Appearance
Unnamed man 1
He is the one who referred Kubota Makoto to Sanada who is the leader of the Izumokai and was having a problem on how to fill "the holes that just opened up." Alive Vol. 1, Dice 1
He is a member of Izumokai. He was first seen kicking the spy of Toujougumi. Later on in the series, he was confronting Kubota before he leaves Izumokai. Alive Vol. 1, Dice 1
Komiya Nobuo 001
Komiya Nobuo
He was the second leader of Izumokai Youth Division and a close friend of Kubota. Deceased Vol. 1, Dice 1
Unnamed man 2
He used to be the leader of Izumokai Youth Division until a month. Unfortunately, he was discovered that he was a spy for their rival, Toujougumi. He was killed by Kubota Makoto. Deceased Vol. 1, Dice 1
Unnamed Prostitute 1
Sanada took Kubota to their hotel and hired a prostitute for him. However, the woman who is ready to give her service complaint about Kubota who doesn't even dare to look at her. Alive Vol. 1, Dice 1

He is a member of Izumokai. He is also the best friend of Osamu and Tatchan. He had a glimpse appearance in Chapter 2. He was later introduced in Vol. 4.


Vol. 1, Dice 2  (Glimpse)
Vol. 4 Ch. 25.5

He is friends with Shuuji and Tatchan. He had a glimpse appearance in Dice 2. He later takes Kubota's place as the leader of the Izumokai Youth Division. He was later introduced in Vol. 4. Alive

Vol. 1, Dice 2 (Glimpse)
Vol. 4 Ch. 25.5

Osamu's second-in-command and childhood friend. He is more compassionate and friendly than Osamu. He had a glimpse appearance in Dice 1 and Dice 4. He was later introduced in Vol. 4. Deceased

Vol. 1, Dice 2 (Glimpse)
Vol. 4 Ch. 25.5

Kurihara Atsushi
He is the guy from Toujougumi who almost got killed by Kubota Makoto to avenge for what Atsushi did to Shuuji. His currently a candidate for election. Alive Vol. 1, Dice 2
Unnamed Prostitute 2
She is the prostitute that Komiya hired. Lately he keep telling stories about Kubota to her until she got full of it and kicked Komiya asking him if he likes Kubota. She was later left by Komiya for it's time for him to see Kubota. Alive Vol. 1, Dice 2
Unnamed Man 3
He is the one who told Sanada about Kubota's background. Alive Vol. 1, Dice 4
2692 4 RCCIB Wild Adapter vol1 ch4 06
Nobuo's Mother
She started to work as a drug-using prostitute ever since her husband died. She almost got killed at the hands of W.A. then Nobuo came to save her. She was last seen by Kubota wearing a funeral kimono for her beloved son's funeral. Alive Vol. 1, Dice 4
This guy is also a member of Toujougumi. He is the bodyguard and driver of Sekiya Alive Vol. 1, Dice 6
Wild adapter vol01 dice06 emerald eyes.wild adapter vol1 ch6 15
Uzaki Hiroshige
He was the previous head leader of Toujougumi  making Sekiya replaced him. He was killed by Kubota in order to avenge Komiya's death. Deceased Vol. 1, Dice 6
Ookuba Saori
She was the girl who runs into Kubota and Tokito. Saori is a pregnant girl who runs away from home, intending to find her boyfriend. She later becomes more involved with Kubota and Tokito when she discovers that her boyfriend is dead as an effect of W·A. Alive Vol. 2, Dice 7
Fujinuma Takeshi
Takeshi is the boyfriend of Saori. He joined Toujougumi and used W.A. for himself. His face was never shown, but he had a short role in the manga only showing his right hand which was affected with W.A. similar to Tokito, saying sorry to Saori until he died. Deceased Vol. 2, Dice 7
Mitsuhashi Kayo
She is the older sister ot Takizawa Ryouji and the founder of Kaikou no Kiba. She was arrested at the end of the Volume. Alive Vol. 3, Dice 7
Shimura Ken
When he was in elementary, he dreams to be the Chief of a Section. His teacher laughed at it and told him that it's boring. Ever since that day, he carried that curse and grew a splendid boring adult. He is also the one responsible for the death of Rika. Alive Vol. 4, Dice 19
Sakai Rikako

aka Rika

She is a prostitute who works under the sex shop of Izumokai. She does drugs also. She is a also the best friend of Anna. Later on, she was killed by Shimura after calling him boring. Deceased Vol. 4, Dice 19
Hachi Hachi Hachi was Anna's boyfriend. He caught Anna and Kubota walking together. He throw harsh words to Anna when Kubota kept on hitting him with a pipe until his head bleed. Alive (?) Vol. 4, Dice 24
He is another detective who detains Kubota on suspicion of murder of Sakai Rikako. Alive Vol. 4, Dice 21
Department head
He is the Buchou or Head Department of Shimura in the company. He trust Shimura and even tells him that his good in doing his job. Alive Vol. 4, Dice 21
Wild adapter vol4 ch24 20
Police Head Department
He is the Police Head Department of Hasebe and Kasai. He was seen rebuking to Hasebe who was wrong with his suspicion about Kubota. Alive Vol. 4, Dice 25
Shouta's Mom..
Mrs. Iizuka
Shouta's mother is always busy and comes home late. She's the only person who is scarier according to Shouta. When she's mad at Shouta, she used to throw things on him. Alive Vol. 5, Dice 26
Mr. Iizuka
Shouta's father and mother fights often and mentioned something about divorcing. He comes home late most of the time. His job was transferring him so his family will be moving somewhere far away. His face was never shown, but he was arguing with his wife in previous chapter, and he made his glimpse appearance in Ch. 33. Alive Vol. 5, Dice 33
Tatsu's Uncle
Tatsu's uncle is a stall keeper, but his main job was of that lineage of people. Tatsu was especially quite attach to him. His quote "If you sink once, you won't again." was the last words Osamu heard. Alive Vol. 6, Dice 38
Shuuji's mom
Shuuji's Mother
She was seen grieving in front of Tatsu in Shuuji's funeral. She was blaming the Izumokai for Shuuji's death. She even stated that if only Shuuji hadn't hung out with them, he would have lived and never died in that foolish death. Alive Vol. 6, Dice 40
Matsushita was a member of Izumokai Youth Division and was only introduced in off-shore oil tanker. He was scared seeing his dead allies, but was calm by Osamu. He was later killed by Kubota. Deceased Vol. 6, Dice 40
Sato Yoshirou3D
Sato Yoshirou
He was a member of Toujougumi until he got imprisoned for 3 years. He was later free in the prison and became the right-hand man of current boss of Toujougumi, Sekiya Jun. He has a father who had worked at Yokosuka base. Alive

Vol. 7, Dice 42 (Tokuma Shoten) Dice 43 (Ichijinsha)

Mr. Sato
He is a friend of Tokito and owns a dog name Minato. He lived in Yokohama since long ago and had worked at the Yokosuka base of the American Navy for a long time. Alive Vol. 7, Dice 42 (Tokuma Shoten) Dice 43 (Ichijinsha)
Anotherunknown Alive Vol. 7, Dice 44
Sdasds Alive Vol. 7, Dice 45 (Tokuma Shoten) Dice 44 (Ichijinsha)