• "I saw a dead cat. He should have come to this world to scatter his guts. I would die in this way."
  • "There wasn't a single truth if I say that, it all become lies. Tomorrow it will melt and disappear like the snow and yet, you call my name which the only thing revives me. Everything about you is my soul of words." –Kubota referring to Tokito

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  • His brand of cigarette is Seven Stars.
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    Executive Committee gag

  • He's a high school student but no one knows if he's still studying. According to Dice 44 of the manga, Makoto was able to finish high school and after that, he left Kasai san's home to live on his own.
  • He learned to play mahjong through a book that his uncle kept at his home after some time during his stay at his uncle's house when he was thirteen.
  • He lost his virginity at the age of 15 by Anna.
  • In Araiso, a gag that was illustrated by Kazuya Minekura seeing Kubota cosplaying as one of her original character in Saiyuki, Genjo Sanzo. Kubota was also seen wearing Homura's outfit.
  • His zodiac sign is Virgo.