Tohru Igarashi
Executive committee vol1 ch05 04
Name Tohru Igarashi
Alias Nurse Igarashi
Drag Queen
Kanji 五十嵐徹
Gender Male
Gender Male
Hair Violet
Eye color Grey-Black
Occupation School Nurse
Status Alive
Manga Araiso Vol. 1 Chapter 5
Anime Araiso OVA Episode 1
Seiyuu Yūko Kobayashi

Igarashi Tohru (五十嵐徹) is the school nurse of Araiso Private High School School Executive Committee Student Council manga and OVA. He is popular among boy students, though they don't know his real gender. Only the faculty members and few students including Kubota and Tokito knows his big secret. He is refer by the students and Tokito who knows his secret as a "Drag Queen" or "Okama" in Japanese.



Nurse Igarashi

Nurse Igarashi is a well respected, friendly and trusted nurse in the school. He is a female inside but he is actually a male outside, and sometimes he show his masculine side when he is really angry. He often seen flirting with some cute students such as Kubota and refer him as handsome as ever. Most of the time Tokito and him used to fight silly things. He is a type of nurse who really does care and concern for students who needed his help. Although he's a male nurse, he sometimes wears revealing female clothes. He is also giving some advices to Tokito when he was sullen to his best friend Kubota. He actually loves and enjoys his job as a nurse. Even with his appearance, by no means have he been insincere.


Nurse Igarashi appears to be a lovely nurse in the school. Although his appearance and heart are feminine, he's actually a male. He has feminine face with a mole on his left side and wears makeup (as Tokito mentions). He's tall, but wears high heel shoes. His body has a curve with padding’s on his chest to make it look like a breast. He has long violet wavy hair in pony tail and has violet eyes. He wears mini skirt and simple shirt but sometimes revealing shirt then a lab coat.


Executive committee vol1 ch05 11

Nurse Igarashi's secret revealed

he was a high school student, he was teased and bullied a lot by his classmates. He was weak like a girl, and always in the nurse's office where he met a very kind nurse who was self-confident and strove hard to help. Ever since that time, he dreamed to be like that person, to become a school nurse and loved by students. Later on, he applied as a nurse in Araiso Private High School, but the school become co-ed and since they said it would be better to have a woman in the nursing staff, he have been allowed to wear women's clothing.

True Identity RevealedEdit

Tokito and Kubota saw Nurse Igarashi being harrased by the other students. The two of them immediately went to the clinic to save "her". One of the bad students has a knife and attempted to hit Tokito, but Nurse Igarashi blocked the way hitting "her" chest instead. "Her" shirt was cut, and her padding fell down revealing that "she's" actually a "he". The bad students were shocked as well Tokito and Kubota though Kubota has an idea at the first.


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