Anna 2 vol 4 ch 19
Anna (アンナ) is an old friend of Kubota. He knew Kubota since he was 15 years old and became friends with him. Kubota save her from his boyfriend in order to save her from abuse.


Nothing much is known about Anna since the manga depicts a few hints about her relationship to Makoto. She seems to be somewhat a strong yet a charming young woman who works in the pub house for a living. She's also a smoker. She works at Hotel Girl and her best friend to Rika who was murdered by Ken Shimura.

Based on the manga, it is been hinted that Makoto and Anna had a relationship but not typically romantic or boy-girl relationship. Anna was attracted to Makoto maybe because of Makoto's nature. She ends up generally making Tokitoh jealous and uneasy.



Makoto was still studying at that time when he met Anna who was asking for a lighter. Anna states that she was dating two men, his boyfriend and Makoto whom she just met. Anna was physically abused by his boyfriend by beating her to a pulp. 

One time, Anna invited Makoto to her place. She told him that she was just like her mother ending themselves with the wrong men. Anna kissed him and ask him to comfort her; Makoto simply said that he doesnt know how he will comfort her and everything happens on that night. They had a one night stand and Anna was very proud to say that she had fallen for Makoto; the man whom she dreams and Makoto himself starts to wonder why. 

That morning, unfortunately when Anna and Makoto are together, Hachi, Anna's boyfriend caught them walking outside the house together. Hachi throw harsh words at Anna and started to brandishing a knife when Makoto went in between and just hit him with a metal pipe. Makoto keeps on hitting Hachi and his face seems so expression less like he was like an ignorant.

Anna was speechless when Makoto utter these words after beating half to death Hachi who was laying down on the floor unconscious.

"Aren't you glad that it wasn't me?"